Trivia Nights


by Nicole Watts

Peoria has a number of trivia nights at local bars. We checked out three. Blue and Fox Pub both offer a challenging, friendly, and fair environment with good service. Location would be the only determining factor for which one is better. I would recommend steering clear of Kellaher’s unless you have a need to prove that you are the fastest Googler in town. 

Kellaher’s 619 SW Water St, Peoria, Illinois 61602 – Kellaher’s hosts trivia night every Tuesday at 7pm, It is hosted By Joe Roderick. The trivia questions were challenging.  The overall format was great. The food is decent as is the service. Though, I am always disappointed when an Irish pub doesn’t serve a proper Guinness.

Cheating runs rampant. We noticed a  table near us looking up answers on their cell phones and mentioned it to the host. Nothing was done about it. The cheating team ended up winning and were also sore winners – spouting off in the parking lot about “people tattling on them”.

Kellaher's Irish Pub


Blue 619 N Main St., Peoria, IL 61606 - Blue hosts Smart Ass trivia night every Wednesday at 8pm. The crowd was enthusiastic and in good spirits. Blue did give Kellaher’s a shout out when going over the rules in regards to cheating. Cheating is also not tolerated at Blue. The host had a great personality and did his best to make those with wrong answers feel less stupid.

BLUE on Facebook


Fox Pub 7800 N Sommer St, Peoria, IL 61615 – Fox Pub features trivia night every Thursday at 7pm hosted by the friendly and welcoming Cortney and Matt. Teams of 4 of less are the preferred, with teams of more than 4 docked points for each round. Cheating is not tolerated. Be sure to arrive early if you want a table as it can be crowded. The trivia is challenging and fun with a nice range of categories. Even if your team doesn’t score very well, you can still come out a winner with an amazing order of fish & chips and a proper Guinness. 

The Fox Pub