The Strength of a Woman


by Job Abraria

Kylee Barnes has been raised in a single parent household by her father, Fred Barnes. Kylee started lifting with her dad at Fitness America in East Peoria  when she was 14 years old, and had her first bench press meet in 2009 at 15. At that time Dave Deline saw her compete and started training her the following week. Dave and his son Jake Deline trained and coached Kylee to championships at a Regional meet East Peoria, a state meet in Bettendorf IA, East Peoria & Peoria national championships and a world championship in Atlanta GA. Competing in both the APC – American Powerlifting Committee, and WUAP-World United Amateur Powerlifting organizations

Kylee has accomplished winning a national & world championship in the 18-19 female 90+ kilo wt. class, and two national championships in the 20-23 women’s 90+ wt. class. Also, state records in Iowa, Illinois, and Georgia as well as over 20 national records and 13 world records.

Kylee graduated from Peoria Heights High School in 2011, has worked at Subway for five years, and attends Western Il University majoring in Business Administration. Kylee is 21 yrs. old and stands 5’10” at 215lbs. with competition records 155lbs in bench press, 280lbs squatting, and 330lb deadlift.

 In 2015 the world championship comes back to the US and Kylee will defend her world championship at that time, which will be held at ICC.

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