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by Meredith Breedwell Rabe
Lady Antebellum Concert Opens Tour in Peoria  

Hi y'all! Well on Saturday, Jan 10, 2014 I traded in my lovely cowboy boots for wellies (stupid snow)  with the hubs, who took me, wait for it, DOWNTOWN to celebrate my birthday and catch the 2014 tour of Lady Antebellum kick off  the #Takemedowntown at the Peoria Civic Center. 

Peoria is blessed beyond the musical measures to get some decent country acts play through our town - but what's rare- is that we were the first stop on their tour. AND the first time the band has united on stage to play in over 6months. 

Whew - they had some pressure! They did NOT disappoint. 

The crowd got warmed up with the now new Grammy award-winning Kasey Musgraves. Honestly, I wasn't excited about her performance, I mean how can a girl who sings about Mary Jane put on a decent act? She can. I love when new country pays respect to those of yesteryear and seeing her band in western shirts that were more Hank Williams than Urban Outfitters. While her stage presence and excitement to a larger than a medium sized venue crowd need some work (most of us were sitting during her perfomance) I can totally see why she picked up the coveted Grammy on Sunday. 

What Kasey lacked in energy, Kip Moore eventually picked up and by the time his stadium lap was done - we were all on our feet dancing! He's a good ole country boy act, but if you've seen Luke Bryan, Jason Aldean, or any other hunky country boy you've seen them all. He served his purpose he got us to our feet. 

Enter Lady A - and the nervous excitement of FINALLY performing together since the birth of Hillary's adorable little one, Eisley. My favorite part of their performance was the fact they used a small stage at the back of the stadium to open with their new single  Compass. Not the giant, three prong stage they had constructed, a small, quaint opening that started off a wonderful set welcoming Lady A back to the touring world.

They played about an hour an half, including Charles Kelly (brother to rocker Josh Kelly and bro in law to Katherine Heigel, your welcome for that trivia knowledge), making his way through the crowd grabbing a beer and taking a sip as he walked through with a camera to engage the crown even more. 

Their musical talent was showcased as their set list mainly consisted of songs from their Golden album. But the amazing cover of gospel song "I'll Fly Away." duo with Kip Moore, I cried. It could have been the beer or it could have been the song they sang RIGHT before about the nostalgia country music has on memories, On the Radio, that took me back to 5th grade all over again. Thanks for pulling on my heart strings Lady A. 

To show they aren't super stuffy or overly country - their encore consisted of the newly popular "When I'm Gone" the cover made famous by movie Pitch Perfect. A hip way to end their first night. 

Overall, I'd recommend hitching onto their star and seeing them LIVE. Their vocal talent, musical talent, and personalities, transform the stage into an experience you'd only get by seeing them perform live. And for their first show on the road- they totally nailed it. 

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