So Much More Than a Time to Relax

by Job Abraria


BodySound Massage Therapy started up four years ago.  For over 24 years, Julie Scott  been surrounded by a family of body-workers. Along with her extended family, her father went into massage and later on an instructor for the Touch for Health organization. After a severe accident, her father’s life was changed forever, told he would never be able to walk again. When bodywork was added  to his rehabilitation in 1982 that enhanced his healing to be able to walk again!  It was through this experience Julie  was turned on to the powers of massage therapy.  As a result of many years of learning how to develop her  touch, she started her own  business to practice what she loves most - massage therapy.


It’s about having a sound body, mind, and soul.  Most of Julie's  work is about addressing physical/structural issues, but the outcomes impact the mind and soul.  When people are able to do what they love and enjoy, it’s so much more than physical/structural treatment. When the body is in a state of relaxation and flow, our body functions better and responds better to our environment. 


BodySound Massage Therapy includes a variety of services.  Massage sessions start in length from 30-minute sessions to 120-minute sessions.  Most clients seeking help start with a 60-minute massage.  Each session starts with an assessment to determine what the client’s goals are for each session.  This may be as simple as a relaxation session to more special involved area of treatments.  

Specialized treatments may include minimizing pain; increasing range of motion of an arm, leg, or neck; releasing tight muscles.  A session may include any of the following modalities: Swedish massage; Trigger Point; MyoFascial Release Therapy; Orthopedic Massage; Applied Kinesiology; Cranial-Sacral therapy; Assisted Isolated Stretching; and/or use of essential oils.  

Located in the Morton Medical Center, Julie  operates as an independent business nestled in with several other independent therapists with Body Language Massage Therapy.  Let’s face it, business can be a cutthroat competitive environment.  When it comes to doing massage,  Each one of us is so different from another.  The added benefit of sharing space keeps us from feeling so isolated getting to work with some other great therapists.  

Connecting with the local community

  So much of a business success  is based off of word of mouth, from clients.  The internet has also been a great tool to broadcast feedback on my client’s satisfaction rate and continued progress.  Social media has been a great source to connect with new clients.  Julie started off using Google, LinkedIn, and created a Facebook page.  There are lots of links in a variety of places to help people come across my business website.  Two years ago, with the addition of online scheduling to the website has increased her connection with  clients and new prospects.  Connecting with clients by phone is limited if a therapist is  in a  session.  Online scheduling is a key  For her clients to most the most of their visits, becuase they can see available openings and immediately schedule appointments for up to a year in advance.  Her  clients continually rave about the online scheduling feature.

Success in business is also about connecting with your community. She got involved with the chamber, which quickly launched me into connecting with local businesses.  Collaborating with para-professional businesses like Touch of Wellness and even retail shops like Wines N’ More help promote services for potential clients.  Julie  always enjoy getting out and connecting with businesses on a personal level.  She feels, " It’s a blessing to enjoy what you do and promote it."  

One lesson big lesson she has  learned about marketing, is how much more  effective it is to connect with events tht she personally wants to support.  Such as, benefits, St. Jude Children’s Hospital, Critterton Crisis Center, MDS, TAPS, Easter Seals, Food Shelters, and Cystic Fibrosis Gala. Offering sliding scale services for clients with low fixed incomes makes massage available for people who would otherwise not have access.  For example, individuals referred to the Hult Center for massage while receiving oncology services have received massages with BodySound Massage at the same rate.  One client had difficulty driving all the way to Peoria from Morton.  It was a great benefit for her to stay within her local community. 


Her  previous experience in Recreation Therapy working in chemical dependency residential programs and out-patient mental health, provided opportunities to refine her skills to become a better massage therapist.  For most of her  career, it has been about promoting a healthy lifestyle and enjoying leisure activities.  Specializing in massage provides the opportunity for her  to educate her clients about personal healthcare with massage, manual therapy, stretching, diet, and engaging in physical activities that promote movement. Some activities may include: dancing, running, swimming, yoga, and workouts using movements in different planes. A repeated outcome benefit she really teaches is - we need to keep moving! Find what encourages you to move. Massage is a great tool to help to initially get moving, keep things moving, and encourage the body to heal/recover! 

Personal Life

Being a single woman, Julie has dedicated all her  energy around her business for  the last five years.  It’s her passion.  She also enjoy getting outside.  Connecting with others is what life is all about.  You’ll find her  with her  friends and family doing just about anything - camping, golfing, music events, to chilling out with a cup of java.  Starting a business in massage therapy, has been a growing experience for someone with her limited business background.  She had to challenge her social service skilled brain into looking at things differently. Owning a business requires her  to continually grow and expand her  skills to progress. There are so many resources in our community for businesses and leadership. Julie remains very engaged in all  local chambers, networking groups, and leadership trainings.

Something More


While many do think of massage as being an extra special activity, it’s so much more.  So many people don’t feel they have time for a 60 minute massage in our busy world.  Those that do take the time, find what time they invest for themselves translates to other areas of their lives.  For the mother with the frozen shoulder who can’t hold her infant, now can hold them and engage in a variety of activities. For the grandmother, who can’t reach up above her head, no longer needs the stepping stool to reach for a plate in the kitchen cabinet.  For the plumber, who has been unable to get into that awkward position to do his job, now has the flexibility and can also get things done around his home.  

Massage can bring out the fru-fru of life.  It can enhance health, wellness, and quality of life.  If you are interested in scheduling a massage, you can go to to access online scheduling or call/text at 309-360-8031.  Enhance your life with massage therapy and promote a sound body, mind, and soul.  

Julie Scott is a licensed massage therapist and owner of BodySound Massage Therapy.  Located in the Morton Medical Center in Morton, IL.