Granite Gives Back

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Behind the Scenes
by Julie House

Laurie Dean is a prestigious prominent woman leader in Peoria. The lucky ones who have the privilege of knowing Laurie on a personal level would tell you that she is someone they would like to see their young daughters aspire to be like. With her strong work ethic, family values, and heart of gold she is an asset not just in her field but to the entire Peoria community.

Mrs. Laurie Dean co-owner along with her father, Mike Seibert of Design Plus Granite works a grinding work week. Although this ambitious 30 year old may be leading the way her rarely seen hands on approach in the workplace is true attribute. There is no job she would ask her employee to do she would not or has not done herself. If you walk into Design Plus Granite on any given day you are sure to find Laurie running from front to back over and over again. If her customer needs a sample from a large slab of granite, you better believe it is going to be Laurie climbing the ladder with a hammer in hand to get her client exactly what they need.

Now we know how great of a business woman is, but her unwavering need to give is what makes Laurie a true leader. The lack and absence of recognition for Laurie’s charitable work never even crosses her mind. Why? Simply put that is not why she helps charities in need.  Mrs. Dean is a true giver in every sense of the word. Her only goal when working on projects for her children’s education, The Alzheimer’s Association, Toys for Tots or St. Jude Children’s Hospital is to make a difference. Laurie never asks or even expects a thank you in return for what she does. She simply would rather get the work done and move on to another charity that could use a little extra help.

Laurie Dean not only chaired the St. Jude Dream Home along side her husband Brandon Dean, she also donated granite for the entire home. Endless hours went into making the 2013 St. Jude Dream Home the most successful Dream Home in seven years, and it simply would not have happened without her. What did Laurie ask in return for her endless dedication? Her answer “that somehow this all helped a sick child”. You got it! That’s all she wanted, and Laurie can rest assured that the $602,400.00 raised from that project did indeed help many cancer stricken children.

Laurie is a business owner, a dedicated volunteer for numerous charities, and a mother of two fantastic boys. We aren’t sure how she fits it all in but she always finds a way. The Greater Central Illinois Community is lucky to have Laurie and proud to have her as part of our community.

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