A Book by its Cover

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by Julie House

Lena Pearl Haig barley on the verge of turning twenty years old is finding her way in this ever so changing world is not someone you may believe you would normally read about in the ‘Behind the Scenes Article’, but she is exact definition of what this article represents. The young, the old, the casual, or the Lena’s there is always someone doing something great that goes unnoticed or possibly over looked for many reasons.

This charismatic young lady at times is dismissed by so many for her fun and different appearance. I will freely admit I was guilty at first of judging a book by its cover. When I first saw Lena I judged without cause.  What I did not know is that when I did take the second to say “hi” I was greeted with a pleasant surprise. Who I instantly thought was a child just trying to find her way was actually a mature young woman who had goals and dreams and was working hard to accomplish so much. The problem is there are so many in our community who refuse to find time to take that moment, and we should be ashamed.

Lena has been a part of youth groups mentoring others for years. Her strong belief in avoiding the fear of being yourself has made her loved by so many. Affected by those in special needs has played a part in her life ever since she was old enough to understand Autism and that her brother suffered from it. It was then that Miss Lena Haig started taking an even bigger role in those with special needs and the community. Believe me when I say our neck of the woods is a better place with her spirit and enthusiasm touching so many lives.

I challenge you to look at these pictures and think to yourself   “Am I seeing a potential employee or someone I would allow inside my group”? I am willing to bet your answer is “no” that is if you are being honest to yourself. You may possibly say “yes of course” to simply make you feel better about yourself as a person.  I challenge you to really think about that answer when you finish reading more on this very unique young lady. If just one reader changes their outlook this publication has done its job.

We can’t change society and how so many are prone to judging someone before we really and trulyknow them, but we are capable of telling you why. The bottom line is we are all at some point guilty of judging without valid cause. While Lena freely admits there is a time and place to showcase her personality, there are also times that blending in is okay. Are we able to find a happy medium or do we have so many presumptions about people that we are psychology unable to look past the outside to get to the inside?

Until this thriving young lady makes her decision on where her career will take her in the mean time she is going to continue doing what she does best. Working at a retail store and volunteering as much as possible. Giving those in need who so many times lack the ability to judge you for what is on the outside and are drawn to who you are on the inside. That is why being a volunteer for the Special Olympics, Job’s Daughters where she was nominated as Honor Queen, and so many other organizations is what is perfect for the Lena’s of the world.

Lena will continue her volunteering and helping so many even helping the very community that judges her, because that is what makes her happy. While this not even twenty years old is able to brush off so much as she grows, will the rest of us grow with her?All we can do is hope that we do. The next time you see a child suffering from downs or other disabilities at least you can rest assured that there are so many just like Lena teaching mentoring and guiding them to be the best they possibly can.

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