Behind the Scene

by Julie Hancock

Women Leaders are popping up all of Central Illinois. While that is a fantastic attribute to our area the question still remains; do we know who is doing the work in the back ground? Finding these young professionals truly is not difficult. If you open your eyes wide enough at any event they are the ones running around making sure everything is going smoothly. They are also the ones going from business to business asking for donations and sponsorships. However, they are hard to spot because when the spot light goes on they are usually the ones taking that well deserved break in the back of the event with their fingers crossed that all goes well.

Becky Brown is one of those women, one of the many great voices you will  hear answering the phone during the Easter Seals Telethon. It is not just the Telethon that keeps this passionate professional on her toes, she is truly the force and flavor behind all thing Easter Seals in Central IL;   From the Black and Blue Ball, Wines and Polo, and Passage to India. In her spare time she  sits as the Co-Chair for VIP Campaign. After  Easter Seals her list continues for the Heart of Illinois Down syndrome association where she does the  Buddy Walk, Spaghetti Dinner, Social and Education Committee, and she’s a proud Board Member.

 dear friend of Jenny Sams,  sums her up well “She just keeps going, and with a smile on her face. Being a single mother of two she knows the importance of giving back she will always find the time. I am honored to call her my friend”.

That is right this volunteer works  forty hour plus a week job and raises  two kids on her own but never stops going. Her daughter Joci has been a child in need of assistance from Easter Seals since birth. In Becky’s own words “Easter Seals is the Heart of Illinois Down Syndrome Association, and what they do for their families is truly amazing”.

Becky works day in and day out to make sure that families much like her own are given the help they need during what at the time seems to be a difficult situation that most end up seeing as a blessing, and wouldn’t change it for the world. She knows first-hand how scary the situation can be, but she also knows that it a situation to embrace. There are many things in this world we can’t change but Becky Brown is determined at the very least to make something scary seem easier to deal with.

Becky’s only wish when it comes to her work is that more people would find time to volunteer. There are so many children and adults in the world that need a little help and if a single working Mom of two can find the time, can’t we all? That is a question she would like to leave up to anyone reading this article. Have you been helped by a charity or have you been touched by someone in need? Maybe it’s time we all put a little more effort into giving back.

While this article’s main point is to focus on the next generation of leaders in Central Illinois, Becky would like nothing more than to use it to get a message across. If you heart strings are tugged at a child in need, and elderly woman in help, or simply someone who just needs a break there is no better time than now to put yourself into a their shoes and offer your help. Reaching out to those in need is what is going to keep Central Illinois one of the best places to live, and if we all do a little more helping, and become a little more like Becky Brown there is no doubt it will be somewhere you will be proud to call home.

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