On the Hunt Again

by Jeff McSweeney

I am job hunting. Again.

My last position was as a contractor for a regional business that is hiring a bunch of people. But, work ran out in my specific department and have yet to be picked up for another position.

My current career path seemed to be going well. I was making more than I had at any other time in my life. I left the company at 11 am on a Wednesday in April for a tour of the Bourbon Trail with some buddies. At 1:30 I received a call from my sponsoring company letting me know that I had been released, but not to worry, they would find another position for me.

After a couple of weeks it was apparent that a new position would not be quickly found.

Thankfully I have a very supportive wife and family, however they would like me to get a job and get out of the house – ha, ha.

I have been investing quite a bit of time in my office. I’m starting to find the space challenging that I usually find so inspiring. To help break up the anxiety I have photographed “OfficeScapes.”


As soon as I hit the keyboard this screen welcomes me to another day of job hunting. What awaits? Will today be the day I receive the e-mail or phone call that leads to my next career opportunity? I enjoy my home office that I’ve had for over 10 years but the day to day process of job hunting is getting a little monotonous. Thankfully Adobe came out with Creative Cloud versions of Photoshop, Dreamweaver et. al. so I am learning these new programs between job searches.

Sheldon & Leonard

I am embarrassed to share that I am a fan of “The Big Bang Theory.” This show comes on twice beginning at 5:30 each day and I use it as a break at the end of the day. My ultra supportive family has gotten me a couple of gifts to provide inspiration. The fish, Sheldon, and cactus, Leonard, are named after two characters in the show. I am on the hunt to fill out the rest of the cast.

Waiting until 30

My now 16 year old daughter asked me what I wanted for Christmas when she was seven years old. I asked her to write out that she would agree not to marry until she was 30. I have kept that wonderful gift and keep it prominently in my office. Over the years she has argued it is not a binding contract. I tell her I’ve had it reviewed by my attorney and it is binding. Whoever marries her will be greatly blessed.


I started running in support of my daughter who started running in 7th grade. I ‘ran’ for two years slowly going around the high school track until I asked a more accomplished runner how many times he stopped during his multi-mile runs. He replied that he never stops, NEVER STOPS – really? At that moment I resolved to not stop during my runs and headed to the country roads to accomplish this goal. Since then I have run numerous 5k’s, 10k’s, half-marathons and even one full marathon. I am currently working on my next marathon in late October 2013. These medals remind me of past successes as I work on future goals.

Melted Negative

I have the great pleasure of teaching at the college level since the autumn of 2001. I have taught at Monmouth College, Eureka College, ICC and Robert Morris University. During my first position at Monmouth I worked with an art student who was quite irreverent. We were still using film at that time and she had a technique of loading her negatives in the tray then melting them before printing. This process ruined the negative past the initial printing. The lesson I’ve tried to learn all these years is not to take my own photography too seriously.

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