Like Playing Football with a Javelin


by Job Abraria

When picturing Ultimate Frisbee, I was certainly expecting TRON with flyers zipping back and forth in a fast pace.  What I found was an extremely competitive and active sport more toward what would lead David Spade to quote PCU “In the Hippie Olympics, nobody wins because everyone is a loser.”

As much of a non-contact sport as possible, the exertion and injury level. If you are seeking an active game combining the best aspects of all of your favorite sports into one, Ultimate Frisbee may be the exercise option you have been looking for.

Northtrail Ultimate Frisbee gathers players every Monday night at NorthTrail Park.  While the play requires only 7 players, around 25 players were present the day I visited. 

Ultimate Frisbee is played on a rectangular field with scoring endzones on each end, much like Football or Soccer.  While there is an official field size, groups may mark off a smaller or larger field to accommodate the size of group that gathers to play.

Play is begun with a “Pull”, where one the defensive team throws the Frisbee to offensive team much in the same way a football team may do an end zone kickoff.  Players move the Frisbee much like soccer or basketball, throwing from one player to the other with one caveat.  Players cannot run with the Frisbee.  If they catch the Frisbee they must stop until they pass to another player.  

This is where it gets interesting.  If the pass is not complete, the defense automatically takes possession.  The basic skills of throwing and catching the Frisbee take center stage.

Passes must be complete within the end zone to count for scores.

A standard game runs about an hour and a half.

If you are not already in decent shape, you are going to be challenged to handle the pace. 

There are actions that players need to learn as far as different ways to throw, pass, and catch the ball. 

Fitness impact: Five stars – Demanding pace once the play is on.  Can be physically demanding as the movement stops and starts quickly.

Learning Curve: Three stars – You can come from the couch to the field and be comfortable in the learning ramp.  Seek out the rules before you go.  Expect to get physically wiped out.

Social Aspect: Four stars – A good activity promoting the joy of play.

Availability/Cost: Four stars – Free but limited amount of groups in town.  Seek out groups and show interest on Facebook.