10 Good Rules for Websites

by Tammy Finch

With so many people building or managing their own websites, I thought I would share a few tips for good website building.  

1.  Own Your Data.  There has been a rash of lawsuits from Getty Images and photographers against people using images found on the internet.  Next month, I will write something on this topic but for now, make sure all data you use is yours or you have permission to use it.  READ MORE


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by Steven E. Streight

One way to keep informed about living in Peoria is to follow the Peoria Historical Society's Facebook page.

I learn about what Peorians and former residents of the Peoria Area are most interested in by looking at what PHS wall posts get the most traction with our fans. You might be inspired to become a contributor to Peoria Life online magazine by considering the most popular topics. During August and September, the most successful topics included Bartonville State Hospital, the Captain Jinks Show, Peoria Mineral Springs, Abraham Lincoln, and Hiram Walker. READ MORE

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