Stephanie Bernardi Brott

by Bill More

I had the great good pleasure to speak with Stephanie Bernardi Brott to interview her regarding food trends in Central Illinois. Stephanie is now 42 and has been in the food business nearly all her life. She and her family own Mona’s and Capponi’s restaurants in Toluca, Illinois, for decades, and the Bernardi’s restaurants in... READ MORE

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My Tardy Mumblings.....

by Marvin Forssander-Baird 

Today, we often run across buildings from past eras and wonder just what used to be there. We might be curious about the purposes people once had for constructing a particular building and perhaps even wonder what in the world could it could be used for today, if anything. Surely times have changed and so have the technologies that drive our world. Today, everything is computerized, electrified, simplified—you name it. We drive, we fly, we Skype and so forth, yet one thing has not changed: we are still human with the same basic needs. Of course when the subject of basic needs arises, we tend to think of food, clothing and shelter, but I think there are more basic needs than that. Surely we can't exist without those particular three essentials, but in order to actually live, we need to feed our souls, ignite our imaginations and have a sense of solid grounding. That's where history jumps up to the plate. READ MORE

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Thoughts for 2013

by Marvin Forssander-Baird

2012 is history: literally. It has joined the likes of 1812 with its famous overture by Tchaikovsky and 1912 when the Titanic steamed into history. But where, exactly, is 2012 and those other years? They are all around you. Everywhere, the accomplishments of 2012 resonate in houses that were built last year, in trees that were planted, in cars that hit the roads and in a million other new bits and pieces of physical evidence of our meanderings. 2013 is awash in the achievements of 2012. READ MORE

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