Chef Monty Watson of Chefs Catering

by Chef Bill More


What a delight to interview Chef Monty Watson of Chefs Catering.

He has been the owner/chef of Chefs Catering for 25 years now, has been in the food business for literally decades, and, yes, he is still going strong. 

Monty started in a bakery making pretzels and these were sold to bars and taverns in his town for years and years. With some training and practice he was able to pump out hand twisted pretzels by the dozen in a very short amount of time. His next jobs took him to 

Burger Chef and McDonald’s and ultimately to Peoria to manage Bishop’s Buffet in Peoria and Cedar Rapids, Iowa. When these closed he chose to start his own business in Washington, Illinois, Chefs Catering in 1999, and they have now won 12 Culinary Awards including Best Entrée, Best Casual Entrée, Best Appetizer, Best Dessert and THREE Best of the Best Trophies. Monty could not be more proud of these awards. 

When he started in the business chocolate fountains were ALL the rage and people could not get enough. He still provides these options. Currently his Smoked Beef Brisket with 

BBQ Sauce is a perennial favorite. He admits that the Midwest is a Meat and Potatoes area and he does not see that trend ending anytime soon.

If anything has surprised him about the business it is that some customers will latch onto 

a dish or menu item and simply NOT let go. He has a customer so in love with his meatloaf and mashed potatoes that he will eat it each and every week ---- REALLY!

His only disappointments are when he encounters a “Bridezilla” or family members who feel they know the catering business as well as --- or better than --- a truly seasoned pro. 

While he always remains professional and respectful, Monty is happy to speak his mind while demonstrating his professionalism and his experience. 

He has received hundreds and hundreds of Thank You notes and letters over the years and has always always appreciated his customers while looking forward to catering for them and new customers along the line in 2015 and well beyond.