Hop on Board the Rescue Train

Photo by Tim Johnson

Photo by Tim Johnson

by Rebecca Richardson

“So many animals that would make wonderful pets, are sadly never given the chance. It is our hope to make a small dent in this issue, through helping these dogs and cats find their forever home.”   

Read, goes on to discuss the benefits of a foster based rescue, such as: 

  1. Every dog in a foster home frees up space in a shelter, allowing another homeless animal to receive comfort from the cold and elements.
  2. Placing a dog or cat in a private residence gives the animal time to adapt to the changes in his/her life. 
  3. A home environment will allow for a more in-depth evaluation of a dog / cat. A foster family will be able to see how the animal behaves in a home environment which allows for a more accurate placement of the animal. 

 TRAIN will work in conjunction with shelters throughout IL to assist them with their overcrowding issues by pulling cats and dogs whom would fare better in a foster home. In order to keep overhead and costs to a minimum, they will not have a centralized location. This allows for greater flexibility in working with multiple shelters and organizations along with keeping day-to-day operating costs low. 

    Adoptions will take place through public events (that will be announced on their FB page) as well as through private applications and screenings. Dogs and cats adopted from TRAIN will be spayed / neutered before adoption along with having their relevant vaccines. While they are just getting started with their non-profit status, they are geared to start accepting applications for foster families and volunteers in early 2015. 

To stay updated with this new group, you can find them on FB: TRAIN . You can also contact them via e-mail at trainrescue@gmail.com