What's in a Name


by Meredith Rabe

***Yay! We’ve announced Isaac! This is the start to his  birth story. And what a better place to start then with they story of how he got his name.

Several years that now feels like lifetimes ago, when we first began to battle the infertile monster, I was up reading a story in the Bible about Sarah. I needed the comfort only God could provide when you feel so lost, hurt, and bitter at the world because your little brother announced he was expecting a baby. In your selfish mind you want to be first at everything because you are the oldest. But God decides different. So during that pity party at 2am I invited the book of Genesis and Sarah’s story along to party down. Then I went on with my life.

Babies were born, more babies kept being born, and again even more babies were born. And as we all know, I didn’t bare a single one.

I know the EXACT spot God spoke his promise to me. I was vacuuming our hard wood floors by the end of the stairs…. so ya’ll know this is legit ’cause I hate cleaning.  There I go on with my cleaning, mind open, and just going about my business when God whispered. ” Remember Sarah?” I stopped. He continued to say ” You will have a baby boy and you’ll name his Isaac. I provided for her and I will provide for you.” We had just started trying again and I was hearing this from God. I stopped – said “O.k. God, whatever. ” and again went on with life.

Full disclosure – I thought the dust mites were eating my brain and I hate(d) the name Isaac. But I love the meaning behind it- laughter.

A few weeks had passed and J and I were sitting eating a burger discussing our next options with the drugs not working. I am a HUGE day dreamer and love to always wonder about the “What – if” in life. So we started talking about names, I said half jokingly, I want to name our kids Rom and Bauer (my fave wine is Rombauer) and I just think it’s so unique and awesome. Our convo continued onto my control issues, that I wasn’t trusting God through this process (I wasn’t), and I shared with J the vaccuum God moment. His first words after the story ” Well, we can call him Ike”. God love him for not mentioning the dust mites and thinkin’ I’m crazy.

That was that – we had decided on a first name for a boy, we were a year from meeting him, but it had been decided that the first name would be Isaac or as I will call him, Ike.

We’ve gone down this journey and I’ve needed some quiet reminders that God’s got this I see Isaac’s all over. Certain months when I would get a negative pregnancy test there would be an Isaacson construction van across the street from my house….staring at me… with a huge sign. When we were so distraught over what to do with adoption a little red haired boy walked into church with the name Ike (short for, ahem, Isaac) I immediately hugged and cried with his momma. She probably thought I’d totally lost it. When my parents were walking with us down adoption road and were weery at lunch they met a little boy who was adopted….his name was Isaac.

And the day he was born my parents attended a church service where the message was about… Wait for it… Abraham and Isaac.

As the story continues I’ll share even more about how God weaved the comfort of His Isaac promise in a perfect little moments, but for now I thought the way he was given his name is the best place to begin the story of his journey to us.