Irish Car Bob-ombs

Car Bomb Cup Cakes 42-S.jpg

Baking with Booze by Nicole Watts
Photos by Jeff McSweeney

In 2009, I stumbled across this recipe for chocolate whiskey and beer cupcakes. These are still a household favorite.
For our St. Patrick’s Day party last year, I made Jell-o Shots. Based on this recipe.

This year, I made Irish Car Bob-Omb pudding.

1 large box of chocolate cook and serve pudding
1 cup of Guinness
2 cups Whole Milk

3 packages of Knox Gellatin
3-6 oz Jameson whiskey
3-6 oz Bailey’s Irish Cream

Prepare pudding as directed on box, substituting Guinness for a portion of the milk. I used the entire bottle and then topped off with whole milk to equal 3 cups.

While pudding is cooking, pour Bailey’s and Jameson into a bowl and sprinkle remaining 1(or 2, if using the double version) envelopes of gelatin on top. Set aside for two minutes.

Shot Cheers 05-S.jpg

Put pudding layer in the bottom of individual serving bowls.
Transfer Bailey’s/Jameson mixture to a saucepan and heat over lowest setting until almost boiling. Drop an ice cube into mixture to cool. Pour mixture on top of pudding layer and chill until set.

If you’d rather have Irish Car Bombs in a brownie pan, you should start here.