Geek of the Month: Christopher James McGregor

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Name: Christopher James McGregor

Nationality: American Earthling

DOB: September 20th, 1980

Height: 6’-ish

Weight: 170ish

Marital status: Married. At least until my wife gets her dream of running away with a Time Lord.

How did you meet your partner? Well, I was a talented singer/songwriter with a skyrocketing career, and she was the bodyguard hired to protect me…

No, we met in college at Iowa State University. 

Hometown? The burgeoning metropolis of Armstrong, Iowa.

How did you end up in Peoria? I followed a girl here.

What makes you a geek? Dozens of Friday and Saturday nights in high school holed up watching Doctor Who, Red Dwarf, Star Trek, and playing video games in a friend’s basement instead of out meeting girls.

How long have you been <insert geeky activity here>? The internet has become an avenue for my weird creativity. A while back I started a photoblog of pictures of how my hair looked when I woke up in the morning. Extremely unflattering but even more extremely hilarious.

I also wrote one about dealing with depression and anxiety. It’s a very important personal issue for me, and one that I don’t think gets enough sunlight shed on it. I’d love to change that in my own small way.

Nowadays, though, I’ve become far more active on the Google+ social networking site. It has a very active, intelligent, and most importantly geeky community. I’m the owner of a support community for “nice guys” and a moderator on the G+ Network, a global community started by a friend who really got me out of my shell on Google+.

How did you get started? I was originally on Google Buzz (remember that?) and transitioned over to Google+, but wasn’t very active on it until about 6 months ago. I’m not an “early adopter” so I have to get comfortable with a community first. A social network is just like a bar. Just sit in the corner and talk to yourself for long enough and people will notice you.

Ok, I guess that’s not exactly how to get noticed in a bar...

Who shot first?   If you mean Han or Greedo, definitely Han. And here’s why: Han Solo was meant to be an amoral antihero in it for himself. Him shooting first established him as a dangerous cutthroat interested only in self preservation and money. Would he betray Luke and Obi-Wan later on? Nobody knew.

Of course, now we all know, and that’s the problem. In 1977, Han was a wild-card interested only in self-preservation. He could have gone either way. Now that we all know how he turned out, the temptation was there to “whitewash” his story to be more consistent with the hero we all now know. By adding that one laser blast, Lucas glossed over the gritty, dangerous and deadly galaxy that was waiting for farmboy Luke Skywalker and something was lost when that changed.

Or I could just be overreacting.

Favorite bearded person? Evil Spock. On that same note, did you know that there hasn’t been a US President with facial hair in a century? No wonder this country is in decline. Think about it.

Favorite movie(s)? Lawrence of Arabia and Blade Runner. 

Favorite book(s)?  Hitchhikers Guide series, Ender’s Game, pretty much anything by Kurt Vonnegut.

Favorite band? That’s a tough one...I think the most enduring has been Radiohead.

Guilty pleasure? Did someone say coffee?

Favorite place in Peoria? Apart from my house, Forest Park Nature Center. That’s in Heights, though. Does that count?

Do you have any pets? Yes. Two cats and 3 birds. The birds really belong to my wife. I’m not fond of tiny feathered dinosaurs.

Hobbies? Running, art and writing dumb posts on Facebook.

What events does <insert geeky organization that you belong to or want to 

promote here>? If you’re already on Google+ or looking for a fun geeky community, join us on the G+ Network.

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Where do you think technology has the most potential for helping others in the future? Access. From information and communication, to finance and economics, technology is a playing field leveler for millions. And not just online, even physically. Look at the huge leaps on prosthetics and medicine technology is giving the world. The big hurdle right now is the expense, but it’s an investment in our future.

Your question for yourself and future geeks to answer? 

Who would win in a fight? Superman vs. Batman, but Batman is in a Superman costume and Superman is in a Batman costume because it’s a Halloween party.

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