by Scott Steelhogg Warner

Hi all, I would like to take a moment and introduce myself to all of you and to thank you as well for reading this fantastic online magazine that encompasses so many things for so many people. I am looking forward to bringing the biker lifestyle to you in ways that you never even imagined. Sharing with you the weekend and week out events that take place not too far from where you may live. Many stories about benefits and fund raisers and last not but least and yes my favorite topic is our Veterans.

My real name is Gregory Scott Warner and I have lived in Pekin now for two years. I love the Pekin Peoria area and I am completely stoked on life, and all that it has to offer so many in this area. I am a proud father of one daughter and yes…I recently became a Grandpa as well. I am a passionate patriot who was born American, Biker by choice and a patriot forever. I am a ride captain with the Illinois Patriot Guard Riders and I found true love at the age of 46 years old.
In the coming months, I promise to bring you into the biker lifestyles, passions and codes of ethics. If you now fear and avoid leather and chrome clad brothers and sisters on two wheels I promise in two months of reading, you will be embracing those who may very well live right next door to you.

In our creation of STEEL HORSEMEN for HOMELESS HEROES,( my very first article) my girlfriend Kristie and I were humbled by  all of those that jumped on the cause and gave the event the voice and legs it needed to be as successful as it was. Expectations as far as funds raised are still not tallied completely and yet, they far exceeded our expectations as a whole, and for that we are forever grateful.

It was during the planning stages of this event that I was graciously invited to write for this phenomenal magazine and give back to those that have given me the passion to put life into words. First and foremost I have to give HUGE kudos to my grandpa Delmar Charles Colclasure who road onto streets of gold back in 2009. He road Motorcycles till the age of 87 when he could no longer hold up 2 wheels, he lived to the age of 93 years young.
Secondly; my mother Marie Antoinette who passed the genes to me I am forever grateful for her positive influence in my life even still to this day. “Thank you so much Grandpa and mom!” SEMPER FI!

I am going to keep this one short and sweet and to the point this month but hold on to your wild side because you haven’t read anything yet.

“In God we still trust”