Human Factor


by Nick DeTrempe

The Peoria Secular Humanist Society is a little known group in Central Illinois for atheists, agnostics and other non-religious people.  They meet on a regular basis to discuss topics such as politics, religion or science.  Debates break out from time to time as opinions differ but discussions are always friendly and respectful.  Some discussions are only attended by a few members while others draw over a dozen.  Even though this is mostly a social group, the humanists have donated blood as a group and aspire to promote Secular Humanism throughout Central Illinois.

human factor by Nick DeTrempeSecular Humanism represents the philosophy that people can behave morally without a belief in any type of deity.  Unfortunately, this is an unpopular belief in our society and secular humanists are often misunderstood to be bad people.  Groups such as the Peoria Secular Humanist Society exist to give the non-religious a place to find acceptance as well as to help correct the common misconception about their lack of morality.

On Saturday July 13th, the local humanists met for their first annual summer picnic at Glen Oak Park.  The weather was nice and the food was delicious.  The atmosphere was casual and the conversation topics were mundane.  This particular event wasn't arranged to acquire new knowledge or to bring forth another debate but rather for the members to get to know each other on a more personal level.  Approximately thirty people attended which making this the largest gathering in the Peoria Secular Humanist Society's four years of existence.  Moving forward, this group hopes to gain more members and show the local area that it’s non-religious citizens are also helpful members of society.