Peoria Historian Joins Peoria Life

Well-known Peoria Historian and True Crime Writer Norm Kelly will join us by adding his historical view of Peoria, Illinois to our Peoria Life Articles. He is also a guest on Breakfast with Roger and Friends on Peoria Life Live. 

Norm has written twelve books and lectured for thirty-four years about the incredible history of this great town.  “As an octogenarian I am looking forward to reaching a much younger audience that I am used to.  All my readers over the last thirty years are getting a bit older so I hope I can entertain the young folks.  I always allowed a question and answer period then and I hope everyone will feel free to comment on my stories or e mail me at norman.kelly@sbcgglobal. Peoria had a reputation as a wide-open bawdy gambling town and I will show you what I mean.  My so-called expertise as a Historian covers us from 1833 through 1951. Tune in, you are in for a bumpy ride.

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Contributor to Peoria Life since December 2015
Breakfast with Roger and Friends