Geek of the Month: Josh Jacob

Geek of the Month July
Name: Josh Jacob

Age: 38

Marital status: Divorced/Single

If partnered, how did you meet?  If single, where do you like to meet people? I can be pretty social when in the mood so I meet people in all kinds of places but it definitely helps finding people that have similar interests so events and groups with likeminded individuals is always a good start. 

Hometown? Eureka, IL

How did you end up in Peoria? I’m currently in Morton but have lived in Peoria several times in the past.

What makes you a geek? Probably most of my interests and hobbies lol

How long have you been interested in technology and gadgets? Technically 35 years but more so for the past 20

How did you get started? My dad was into the hobby side of computers and electronics in general back in the late ’70’s early 80’s when I was just starting life so I’ve always had the influence around me as I was growing up. I would watch and help my father build different Heathkit projects that ranged from an electronic water gauge with a light indicator for my mom’s plants, the family television set, different early computers and the best one, a Hero robot. My first gaming system was an Intellivision and my first computer was a Macintosh SE. And we watched different Sci-Fi shows together which fueled the imagination.

Apple Computer
heathkit hero.jpg

Favorite movie(s)? Lots, we’ll go with some geeky ones that stuck out from childhood, Star Wars, Star Trek, Tron, The Black Hole, Short Circuit, Explorers, Batteries Not Included, Back to the Future 1 & 2, Total Recall, Robocop, Predator, Aliens 2, Terminator…ok we’ll stop there.

Favorite book(s)? I’ve always had a hard time making myself commit as much time as I’d like to reading books that weren’t comics lol but I really enjoyed and read through The Draglonlance Chronicles when I was younger

Favorite type(s) of music? Pretty much everything except modern country

Favorite band? I love lots of music, I’m currently listening to some of the following: Father John Misty, My Morning Jacket, Phish, Dawes, Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young, The Black Keys, The Beach Boys, Deadmau5…

What is your favorite way to spend your Sunday Mornings? At Elevate Church in Morton and then since its summertime I enjoy chilln by the pool w/ friends, sketching in the park, cookouts or doing anything outside really this time of year.

Astrological Sign:  Gemini Do you believe in horoscopes? I find them interesting but I don’t plan my life around them.


What is your guilty pleasure? Sour gummi worms, even though I know the disturbing way they’re made…I try not to think about it.

What is your favorite place in Peoria? The riverfront or anywhere that has some history to it

Do you have any pets? Not currently

Are there any special hobbies you enjoy? Art, technology, gadgets, history, entrepreneurism, comic books, sci-fi, fantasy, robots, music and hardcore Microsoft fanboyism are a few ;)

What events does PubPal have coming up? PubPal is a mobile app startup that myself and three other friends started this last year that is location based and will show you what pubs closest to you offer for their current drink/food specials and entertainment. We’ll be out every Thursday night from 7-9pm this summer with 105.7 The X for the PubPal Bike Tour where folks can come qualify to win a Harley Davidson at the end of the summer. The schedule for the stops can be found on or

pubpal bike night.jpg

Questions from previous Peoria Life Geek Fellows:

Who shot first – Han Solo or Greedo? I grew up with it being Han 

Who is your favorite bearded person? Eh…

Where do you think technology has the most potential for helping others in the future? Where to begin…all kinds of places…

What are you excited about doing with the technology that’s coming? I’m interested in the advancement of AI behind robotics and digital assistants, the coming internet of things with embedded intelligence all around us, the continued simplification of mobility with wearable’s and lighter materials for devices as flexible screens become more common, better consumer robots, I also want flying cars and true space travel to become a reality in my lifetime. That’s not asking too much right? lol

Who would win in a fight? Superman vs. Batman, but Batman is in a Superman costume and Superman is in a Batman costume because it’s a Halloween party?  Out of the gate it’d be Superman but in the end it’d be Batman because he has a secret stash of kryptonite for such an occasion.

What are you doing to make Peoria into the cultural and economic hub that it once was? Promoting and participating in the process however possible with groups such as Startup Peoria, 1 Million Cups and The Whiskey City Collaborative.

What public figure do you look up to and why? Elon Musk, he’s taken the wealth he’s gained from past ventures and turned around and put it back into boosting new cutting edge areas of technology that will have a global impact and help humanity advance.

Make up a question for yourself and future geeks columnists to answer.

Do you consider yourself a fanboy of Microsoft, Google or Apple? Why?