Extreme Kickboxing


by Job Abraria

Extreme Kickboxing at East-Side Recreation Center in East Peoria is a cardio kickboxing type of class taught by martial arts instructors, James Richardson and Salvador Lopez. They mix traditional martial arts, cardio kickboxing, and high intensity interval training (HIIT), and intense ab training for a rather unique class for both martial artists and non martial artists. They do a lot of work with blaster pads, Thai pads, and focus mits. 

On average a Cardio Kickboxing class burns 650 calories  in a 45 minutes. Extreme Kickboxing at Eastside Centre runs an hour so imagine how many calories you can burn? The classes have solid warm up followed by  intense pad drills with punches and kicks. So prepare to end up sweaty and sore. All of that plus solid ab work make this a great work out.

The best part of the class is that both trainers really keep you motivated. And really  push everyone to accomplish the class. They really teach and push a  healthy lifestyle/ accomplishing goals and good training so come join an EXTREME KICKBOXING class at Eastside Centre.

Everyone is welcome to come out and take a class and see what a great workout it is! Classes are only on Tuesday nights at 6:45 pm for the summer. Sunday classes will resume in the fall.