She is the One


by Job Abraria

Vicki Boisvert has been involved with boxing since 1981. She trained with the USMC Boxing team originally, then trained and competed very successfully with over 70 matches throughout the USA.

She has been a timekeeper for many international and national events during her career. She has also been a Judge, referee, timekeeper, inspector and coach, clinician through USA Boxing Olympic training facility in Colorado Springs.


Currently, because of health problems things have slowed way down but She continues to volunteer coach with Peoria Athletic Club   every Monday and Wednesday at 530 pm with some training on Saturdays. and share all the knowledge and experience she has with everyone from  competitive boxers to those who just want to get in great shape.

She teaches all who wish to learn a skill and have fun. Her classes focus on teaching boxing skills along with conditioning. Like all the classes at PAC, Vicki makes her boxing classes  friendly to everyone not just competitive boxers. People learn a lot from taking boxing, they learn life skills too like patience, confidence, dedication, self-motivation, respect and self-respect, control and even teamwork.

Vicki keeps Safety  first and foremost and no one is ever put in a boxing situation that they are not comfortable with and that they haven't proved to me that their skills are prepared to deal with. People leave the gym after a workout feeling good about their workouts and feeling refreshed and more positive about life and more confident about their capabilities of dealing with it and some have even become boxing champions. As a coach Vicki is one of the best and always pleased to teach everyone.

to take classes with Vicki at PAC please contact PAC at 1231 West Main Street  (309) 672-3090