Shark Tank Quotes

by Tammy Finch

Budding entrepreneurs get the chance to bring their dreams to reality in this show from executive producer Mark Burnett.  Shark Tank can be seen on ABC television on Fridays at 8pm Central time.  Visit their website at 

Are you a fan of the television show Shark Tank?  I think all entrepreneurs should watch it. Most of us will probably never get a deal with the sharks but it seems everyone who does get that deal can make millions.  Is it all about money though?  I see a lot of people wanting to help others, find a solution to a problem or just want to have fun. 

Every Friday night at my house it's like my husband and I are watching a football game... yelling at the television "Take the deal!" or complaining to each other about some of the contestants.  It's entertaining but I feel like a lot of people tune into the show to get a few tips on business and how to deal with our own everyday "sharks" in business. 

I'm definitely not a millionaire so putting myself in the sharks' shoes just isn't going to happen.  But as a small business owner for over 16 years and a fan of the show, I'd like to throw in my 2 cents.  Here is my view on a few of the quotes from the sharks: 

"Don't cry about money, it never cries for you".  - Kevin O'Leary

It really doesn't.  Can you picture in your mind, dollar bills with a box of tissues weeping because you aren't spending it fast enough? All the sharks would agree that money shouldn't be the focus of your decisions in business.  Often, you do have to make those decisions but starting a business to "get rich" is usually not a good idea. Focus on growing and improving your product or company.  The money will come with it.   

"A goal without a timeline is simply a dream." - Robert Herjavec

Setting goals is a must!  Having a business plan, no matter how short, is imperative to deciding how to navigate your business and life.  No matter what your goal is, weight loss, business growth, having children, etc, you need a timeline to keep yourself on track.  I truly believe short term goals and long term goals are equally important.  Here are a couple examples: Long term: "I will increase my business 50% by next year."  Short term: "I will have two new clients by the end of next month."  Or Long term: "I want to drop 20 pounds by next year."  Short term: "I'm going to eat healthy and lose one pound a week."

"Truth is the easiest thing to sell."  - Daymon John

I can't tell you how many articles or situations I've seen where I just think it would be easier for everyone to be honest.  Just admit that you messed up.  People will forgive (or not) and move on.  The only way to get past a mistake is to admit to it and put it behind you.  It happens to everyone and we all know this.  Making excuses or pointing fingers is not the way to go in any situation.  Honestly truly is the best policy. 

"When it's yours, you don't mind doing whatever it takes." - Lori Greiner

It's true.  Working for yourself is not really work.  We seem to enjoy investing in ourselves and doing what we need to do to succeed whether it's educating ourselves, reading self-help books or learning from others.  Everyone has what it takes to succeed, they just have to put their best foot forward and sometimes take baby steps but it will all work out.  If not, keep working at it. 

"It's not in the dreaming, it's in the doing."  - Mark Cuban

Mark has a lot of quotes, but I think this one is good for anyone in business or not in business. It's great to dream but planning is important too.  Setting goals for yourself, planning your next steps and keeping busy is the key to any type of success.  When I'm not busy with websites, I'm usually reading articles, educating myself on new topics or writing blogs or articles.  It's great to dream big, but you have to get there by working at it. 

I guess every situation is different and we can't take everything the sharks say at face value.  Most entrepreneurs want as much advice as they can get, so I can't think of a better way to spend my Friday nights.