Geek of the Month: Regev Nystrom

by Job Abraria


I Moustache You a Question

One of my favorite Peoria Geeks, Regev Nyström, is trying to break into the National Beard Battle Competition. Regev is active in the community and always there to help and be involved.  He has made a commitment to fine tuning beard growing as a craft and is also devoted to the linguistics and keeping some of the ancients arts alive.

So, if you see our tiny friend Regev around Peoria, give him a thumbs up, and don't be afraid to touch the beard.

Regev Nyström

DOB: Hahahah, nice try
Height: 5'1"
Weight: 145 pounds
Marital status: partnered for ten years

How did you meet your partner? This cute stranger came up to me at an art show I held in 2003, and later asked me out.
Hometown? I'd say Romeoville, IL, where I spent most of my time through school and making friends.
How did you end up in Peoria? I followed my partner here, who works for a local hospital.

What makes you a geek? Good Lord, do I need to narrow it down? I am obsessed with linguistics to the point where nearly my entire bookshelf is filled with language texts.  I am obsessed with shortwave radio, retro game system programming (yay Atari 2600 homebrews!), 1800s reenactment, and geocaching. I think that helps define me as a geek, ne?

How long have you been <insert all geeky activity here>? My mother spoke other languages, I started learning them at a young age.  I have been geocaching for about four years now, translating since 2000, and doing beard contests on and off for three years. Period reenactment?  That's been for a number of years now -- the beard helps.

How did you get started? In translation, it was complimenting a Japanese manga artist about his work, and he slowly started asking me to translate bits here and there until I was translating full scripts.  Beard contests and period reenactment start in the same place -- I used to see old photographs from the 1800s of these long-bearded dapper men and think, "I want to look like that!"  Geocaching was introduced to me by a Chicago friend who was into it at the time.

Who shot first? Well isn't that an open-ended question. :: laugh ::

Favorite bearded person? Aarne Bielefeldt is a fantastic man. For those unfamiliar with him: Aarne was featured rather prominently on the show _Whisker Wars_ and has become quite well-known for his very clean freestyle that has won him a number of awards around the country.  Even with the fame and success, he has always had time to be supportive of my own endeavors, and for that alone he's a fantastic man.

Nationality: American

Favorite movie(s)? I love a lot of older films.  The most complete _Metropolis_ got me super giddy, but M (also from the same guy, Fritz Lang) is a great early example of film noire.

Favorite book(s)? I am a huge mystery buff, and fell in love with _Murder on the Orient Express_ at an early age.

Favorite band? I have a soft spot for a Spanish band called "La Oreja de Van Gogh."


Guilty pleasure? The Eurovision Song Contest.  So cheesy yet so fantastic.

Favorite place in Peoria? I actually love Grandview Drive.  Some beautiful scenery!  I featured it in a photo series called "Not All of Peoria Sucks." :: laugh ::

Do you have any pets? Oh yes.  I have a seven year old hyper shiba inu named Mika.

Hobbies? Reading, collecting old Japanese texts and old photographs (tintypes, cabinet cards, etc.).  I used to program back in the day but I haven't done that in years. And yes, computer programming was a hobby for me.

What events does it for you? You know, there is a new beard group in Chicago that I'm about to check out, called the Chicago Beardsmen, and on the 13th of October they will be having a beard contest. I'm almost certain to throw my hat in the ring!