The Creek Restaurant Review


by Nicole Watts

We ordered
Mediterranean Beef Stuffed Puff Pastry****
A pair of delicate French pastries stuffed with a blend of Kobe Beef and Feta cheese.  Served with a mushroom Cognac sauce.
Fried Porcini Mushroom Ravioli***
Lightly breaded ravioli prepared in extra virgin olive oil, topped with your choice of Marinara or Bolognese with grated parmesan.
Herbed Goat Cheese Stuffed Prawns Wrapped in Prosciutto*****
Prawns filled with goat cheese blended with fresh herbs, wrapped in prosciutto and garnished with a spinach pesto
Mini Quail Skewers with Apricots*****
Delightful bites of marinated quail and apricots grilled and served with an apricot sauce.
The tables are easy to move to accommodate large groups. Our cozy table for 6 was transformed within minutes. Once we were seated, we were served a dish of pita bread, hummus and olives, which was a great preparation for the culinary treats to follow.

Our waitress was friendly and attentive. There were a few areas that could use a bit of fine-tuning, but overall the crew seemed to be conscientious and thoughtful.
The Mini Quail Skewers with Apricots were unbelievable. The combination of succulent quail and sweet apricots was absolutely perfect.

The Herbed Goat Cheese Stuffed Prawns Wrapped in Prosciutto were a delightful combination of tastes and textures.

While the flavors of the Mediterranean Beef Stuffed Puff Pastry were fabulous, the meat seemed a bit tough for Kobe beef, but would have been great if only expecting a beef stuffed puff pastry.

The Creek offers a quiet, casual environment that would make it a perfect first date restaurant. The menu features a wide variety of trendy food.

The Fried Porcini Mushroom Ravioli was delicious and enjoyed by everyone who tried it. Even with finding a bite of cold ricotta in the middle of a ravioli, it is still a dish that should be tried.

A couple of things that would improve The Creek: A hostess station, an easy to close door to the women’s rest room, and a wine list.

Overall, it was a fun night with good wine, nice ambiance, good service, beautifully plated & delicious food, and good company.