Don't Cross Dorian

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by Job Abraria

A word of advice:  Should Dorian Mosack call you… pick up the phone.

Dorian called me about coming for a visit to his Crossfit309 gym.  Now I have heard about crossfit for many years and had experienced it at another location.  It is hard to be active in fitness circles without hearing of Crossfit… as Crossfitters are normally very enthusiastic about Crossfit.

What Crossfit delivers is a core strength and conditioning program.  Focusing on building and attaining aptitude across 10 different fitness disciplines, Crossfit enhances competency across the physical spectrum. By combining compound movements and shorter high intensity cardio sessions, Crossfit’s workout impact is strong.

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Like I said, people who do crossfit are fanatical about it. This had always put me off a bit. Those who do it, discuss it constantly… so when your longtime friend (and guy who could kick your ass) calls you and says to get over there… you get over there.  And while I hadn’t yet experienced Crossfit309… I knew Dorian.

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Dorian served in the 82nd Airborne division and served for 5 1//2 years.  His tour took him through Afghanistan and Iraq.  Returning to the states, he began teaching fifth grade at Trewyn Middle School.  Before getting into crossfit he became certified from the Aerobics and Fitness Association of America.  He put this certification to use as a personal trainer at Riverplex before getting into Crossfit.  He has since earned his Level 1 certification in Crossfit.

So what I experienced impressed me.  What makes Crossfit309 Peoria work is Dorian.  It takes a very special person to build this level of experience and interaction within a fitness facility.  First of all, he understands that this is a business and his business is making the best fitness experience for everyone coming the door.  Whatever it takes to get you in the door, that is what matters to Dorian.

More importantly, is how his focus caters to the individual and getting him or her to their best fitness possibility.  He does this through individual attention and a stronger level of community than most workout facilities.   The workouts are fun.  They are interesting in that they are quite varied and each regime takes on an individual name.

This is a community.  It is always as good as the people you train with, you get his experience and his idea of what Crossfit should be, and his is a winning idea.

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Crossfit keeps your time at the gym as minimal as possible.  You meet awesome people and they have a solid focus on .  It is tailor made to each person and Dorian watches it to make sure every person is working to his or her capability.

Fitness Impact:  5 Stars.  It is a workout you won’t be able to finish.  Crossfit is a workout.  Come ready.

Learning Curve:  3 Stars.  You do have to learn exercises, but they teach you how to perform each movement, its name, and the best (and safest for your body) technique.  You can get in there and get a workout without knowing any of It when you start.

Social Aspect:  5 Stars.  It is a true community for good or bad.  You are in a true community of people. Once you become a crossfitter, you are probably in it for life.

Cost/Availability: 2 Stars.  Cost is exclusionary.  It is pricey.  You do get your moneys worth in that there are convenient classes available and private training available.

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