Dining in the Raw


 by Nicole Watts
For being land-locked, Peoria does a surprising job of delivering delicious sushi. I don’t think you can go wrong with Kirin Sushi, Sushi Gawa, or Hokkaido.
Kirin Sushi
8807 N Knoxville Ave, Peoria, IL 61615
Kirin Sushi is a relatively new addition to North Peoria, located in the Northpoint Shopping Center next to Ashley Furniture. They offer delivery within 5 miles for $2.
We went to Kirin on a Wednesday evening and while their sushi may not have had the freshest taste, they do offer delicious sushi.  As per our server’s suggestion, we had the White Dragon roll and the Tiger roll.
Best Service: Kirin Sushi. We are always greeted with a smile, very friendly and complimentary appetizers. It’s low key, quiet, and family oriented.
Best Wasabi: Kirin Sushi
Sushi Gawa
2601 W Lake Ave Peoria, IL 61615
Sushi Gawa has been around for as long as I can remember. Their new location at West Lake Shopping Center has the best parking and nicest ambiance of any of the sushi places we tried.
It can be noisy, so I wouldn’t recommend it for an intimate evening, but is a great stop if you are in the mood for outstanding sushi.
Freshest Sushi: Sushi Gawa
Best overall Sushi: Sushi Gawa
Happy Fish
1200 W Main St Ste 22Peoria, IL 61606
Happy Fish has great ideas, but their overall presentation was lacking. The first time we were in, we had the Mexican Roll, which was fabulous. This time, we relied on our server to suggest the two most popular rolls. We ordered Tiger Eye roll, Bistro Roll, and Philadelphia Roll.
The sushi was very bland and the rolls fell apart. The recommended rolls used soy paper instead of seaweed, so perhaps that was the problem. If that had been our first trip in, I don’t know that we would go back.
Loosest Roll: Happy Fish Sushi L
3311 University St Peoria, IL 61604
Hakkaido has the most authentic Japanese décor of any of the sushi restaurants we went to.
The service was mediocre, but the rolls were tasty. The server recommended rolls with a lot of heat to them, which was a nice surprise. The jalapeno was prefect. The presentation was beautiful.
Best Alaska Roll: Hokkaido
Best presentation: Hokkaido