What Happens When a Samurai Faces Death?

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by Job Abraria
A year ago, after experiencing some lethargy, I was sent by my primary care physician to drive myself immediately to the Emergency Room of my choice.  Within 30 minutes of arriving, I flatlined, suffering a massive pulmonary embolism.

The Doctors say they don’t know how I survived it.  The blockage of clots was so thick …  The only thing they could attribute it to was the strength of my heart.

I say more the strength of my purpose - a commitment to the warrior conventions of bushido and living a life in accordance with a strong faith in God.  Those tenets built the determination to physical duty I carry.  But regardless, I got through it.

But it is the after result that has been the lasting.  Where I used to feel ready for death, there is now the realization that it can come too soon. Physically and mentally, I experienced a great deal of difficulty adjusting to a prescription of limited exercise. Even as I was released, I pushed the envelope on physician’s directives and found myself returning to the emergency department.  It was a difficult learning curve.  This led to a recommitment of health and healthy living.
Over the last year, PeoriaLife readership has been introduced to my monthly experience of interesting opportunities for exercise. These articles have explored local offerings from kettlebells and personal trainers to hula hoopers and disc golf courses.  Stretching my comfort zones, these new experiences helped me to better understand and respect both my body’s capabilities and new limits.

As someone who has enjoyed having diverse involvement in athletics, it was these new limits that provided the greatest deal of insight.  My body would be finite yet limitless, in moderation. I have sought out new ways of enjoying my athletics.

These experiences, along with great guidance and patience, have provided a year of insightful health-focused living.  Eliminations of sugars and carbs has lead to a life of coffee with cream, meats, and vegetables.  Exchanging diet sodas for water and adding a “no bread” rule along with a two – three short focused workouts per day has delivered a 50 pound weight loss.  But every day, every workout raises the anxiety level and causes me to look in the mirror… reminding myself that today is to be lived to the fullest.
Here is to the next year of articles.