Her Mission

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Behind the scenes
by Job Abraria

Christina Wilson is  the owner of Wilson’s Career Agency. Do not let her Smile Betray you, her hardnosed nature is what makes her business work. Her mission is to assist unemployed ex-felons of Peoria County reach self-sufficiency by going to the core to offer individualized assessments and six (6) weeks of workshops and offer job leads within the community while networking with potential employers to hire ex-felons. She is truly a community hero, she takes her own time to work with each candidate in the basics of  resume preparation,  job search resources, teach them how to properly fill out a job application. She offers them One -Hour of Counseling and  gives them personal job leads and  creates personal email addresses for job contacts. All of her services are free and done to help the community and those who get lost once out of system.
Ms. Wilson runs a tight ship. At WCA the first initial step is intake and the people are informed about punctuality and that to be early is to be on time and to be on time is to be late. This is imparted to each person because if they show up late to any of my  training classes then they will show up late for work and that is the number one sin in Ms. Wilson’s book. She only sends out the best to her clients.
They are taught to say “yes sir” and “no sir” not yeah and naw. They are also taught to sit up straight, to never slouch and to be honest. The most important thing they are taught is to believe that things will change in their lives. To believe in themselves, and to know that someone will give them a second chance.  She works her steps by  giving them a  questionnaire so that she can get to know them  and their personality, so she can  create the best  resumes and cover sheets for them  and give them an hour of counseling for free. She does all of this to better the community.
To contact her about services 309.635.2118  or 309.839.0383  email her at cwilson@wilsoncareeragency.com  and her website is www.wilsoncareeragency.com

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