Disc Golf... Seeds and Stems and a day in the Sun...

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By Job Abraria

When Winston Churchill said “Golf is a good walk spoiled” we can pretty much guarantee he wasn’t carrying a frisbee.   If you are looking for a sport where you can smoke and drink and be competitive in the process… Have I got something for you!

In the world of sports, Disc Golf is relatively new.  It was invented by George Sappenfield, a Californian who felt that golf would be more fun with Frisbees.  Sappenfield began setting up targets for play and the game was instantly popular.  Golf courses themselves began on the east coast where they standardized the basket concept instead of targets.

Participants usually carry at least three discs; a driver, a mid-range, and a putter.  A good disc will run between $10 and $20.

Disc Golf is scored the same as golf with the objective to being to achieve the fewest strokes possible. 

If you know how to loft a Frisbee, you know how to throw golf discs.  Some players do work on perfecting particular throwing styles.  The most common throws are the  backhand and forehand throws, but there are also throws like Tomahawks, Thumbers, Rollers, and Elevator Shots.

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Once you are practiced and ready to hit the course, you will have more choice than you think of where to play.  Central Illinois offers a great number of phenomenal Frisbee golf courses.  Peoria Frisbee Golf, a membership based club for Disc Golf players lists 15 different courses within a 45 mile radius of Peoria.  You can view that map here (http://www.peoriafrisbeeclub.com/courses/).  If you want to view courses throughout the US,  http://www.dgcoursereview.com/ will allow you to search exactly the regions you are interested in.

I am not sure whether Disc Golf is ever on ESPN (or even the Ocho)… The US OPEN – Frisbee Edition seems a gateway drug to televised quidditch.

Fitness impact: Two stars – When you can drink a pabst while playing and do well, you can’t necessarily expect a strong fitness impact, but you will get a great walk in while leaning over to pick something off the ground at least 18 times.

Learning Curve: Three stars – While it seems as easy as throwing a Frisbee, there are the same subtle nuances that golf delivers.

Social Aspect: Five stars – Super friendly.  Totally a social experience.  Tons of tournaments, tons of local events… a “hey, you are one of us” kind of experience.

Availability/Cost: Four stars – Lots of courses, playing on courses is free… your only investment is your discs.


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