by Tammy Finch

I’m really excited to be a part of this great project for Peoria and Central Illinois!  Content websites are tough to manage but I have faith in the editors of this website that they will make it a fantastic resource for all of us.

I’ll tell you a bit about myself before I get into my tasks for writing about website design and workshops.  My background is actually health information but I have been involved in website design for over 14 years.  My company is Web Services in East Peoria and I host and manage over 300 websites for businesses all over the country.  The websites that I design and develop are anywhere from simple brochure small business sites to large busy sites for television shows to my newest venture digital video ecommerce sites. 


I also host workshops for my company, SCORE Peoria, Constant Contact and have had the opportunity to speak all over the country at national conventions – usually on the topic of social media for business or internet marketing.  The workshops started as a marketing tool for my business but have grown to be a big part of my company now.

I hope I can provide some information on website design and all of the topics surrounding the industry.  Although I can’t say I am an “expert”, I can certainly provide some information on some great tools and website links to get us where we want to be on our internet projects.