by Tammy Finch

Thinking back to the early 90's when I first started working with websites, it was very simple - build the site, put it on the internet and get found.  With the many technologies, devices and internet marketing ideas today, there is a lot more a company needs for their website.  I thought I would put a short list of suggestions for a good, effective website presence:

  1. Good optimization.  Although META keywords aren't essential now, it is still important.  Having good titles and descriptions are still important to search engines and visitors.  Making your descriptions interesting will attract clicks from potential visitors.
  2. No music.  Speaking for all those people who surf the internet at work, the music on your website is annoying.  Their boss will know right away they are not doing their work. Also, your page will load slower with the irritating music in the background.  In my opinion, it does not add value to your website.
  3. Social Media.  There is no way around it, social media is here to stay.  Using sites like Google+, Facebook and Twitter, will push even more traffic to your website.  What good is a beautiful website if no one visits?  Join at least one of these sites to help your internet presence.
  4. Your phone number on every page.  You would be surprised how often people forget this.  Making someone click to the contact page to find out how to contact you is one click away from losing them.  Internet users are very impatient.  Make it easy for them to find your contact information.
  5. Google Analytics.  It's imperative to know if your website is working or not.  Are you getting visitors?  How many?  What pages are visited the most?  What keywords did visitors use to find you?  Are they leaving your shopping cart without purchasing?  These are some of the questions that Google Analytics will solve for you.  The price is right and for a free program, it has a lot of value! 
  6. Professional looking.  Your website is a reflection of your company.  It's important to look the part.  Having a professional looking website will bring more customers and level the playing field with larger companies.  On the internet, everyone can be a big company! 

I hope these tips were a good reminder of beefing up your website presence.  Expanding your professionalism to your website is an effective way to reach new customers and expand your visibility.