008 - Terribly Happy

The guys from Terribly Happy (I love that name!!) came by Casa De ColorNoyz to chat for a bit about what's going on in their lives. Kyle, James and Logan are long-time friends and band mates that make up this highly energized Pop Punk band from the Peoria region that are doing music and life together and figuring it out as they go...just like the rest of us.

They recently released a single called Captain Square which was engineered, mixed and mastered by Seth Wagers of Unamused Dave fame and we're going to play it for you during the show. They also have plans to head into the studio in a few weeks with another local boy, Caleb Rose from Must Build Jacuzzi, to create their next masterpiece, a full length, 10 song album. They are keeping in all in the hometown family and sharing it with you here on ColorNoyz and PeoriaLife.com