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Washington, IL – Byrd is the founder of Image Potential, where she provides unique, interactive learning opportunities that encourage self-awareness, reflective thinking, and mindfulness in support of her vision: a world where people are more thoughtful and respectful about their decisions, choices, and actions and more mindful of how they’re communicating and interacting with others. Image Potential’s services focus on leadership and management development, interpersonal communication, personal and business branding, professional etiquette and strategic marketing.

“I have a true passion for improving quality of life, especially in the workplace, because people spend most of their time at work. There’s a lot of unnecessary and unwarranted stress and strife in the workplace that I believe stems from incivility, distractedness, underdeveloped leadership, and a lack of critical thinking,” says Byrd. “One of the best ways to improve our quality of life is to improve our quality of thinking. That's why I infuse a lot of techniques into my teaching and consulting to help people evaluate their thinking and increase mindfulness. I help them gain powerful insight about their authenticity, how they're showing up and what's driving them.”

Byrd works with employees to build resilience and adaptability, as well as with leaders and managers to create better workplace environments where people can thrive and bring their best selves. She draws on her unique ability to curate and blend the appropriate combination of learning opportunities based on her client’s desired outcomes.

For more information on Cindy Byrd and Image Potential, visit www.linked.com/in/cindybyrd.