Today, every business needs
social media content! 

Here is a fun & local way to do it!

Peoria Life is a product of Widecast Inc.  

Peoria Life is a product of Widecast Inc.  

If you’re local, grab the attention of locals.  

Sure! You can create your own content, and you should promote your business or organization. You can blog on your own web page or national blog sites to increase your visibility on the web. But how do you get local people to see / hear your hard work? 

Let us help you out. Peoria Life is a local media network. It’s a talkshow hub. And a digital magazine about Illinois’ Greater Peoria Area. It’s a place to talk about what you do. One show draws an audience for another.

Once your content is published, it remains on our sites. Great news! Search engines like
that your content is established and creating
new content…This means people will be more likely to find your information.

INTERESTED? joining our Talk Show Network? We are always adding more content. Talk shows are recorded weekly; most are pre-recorded.

They’re not infomercials, but local professionals providing expertise, entertaining and educating the audience. We call it conversational advertising.


We have well over 100 years of professional broadcast experience at our microphones...but most people have just started...and we coach along the way. 

Shows start at $75 per week. We produce your intro, record your show, edit it, and
post it to social media.

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