To Help

by Job Abraria

Kendrick comes from a family of helpers at heart.  His mother is a retired psychiatric nurse from Unity Point. One of his sisters is a Police Officer in Quincy IL, the other sister is a Neuro Nurse for a local Neurologist, and his brother is a Chef.  Helping people is very important to him and his entire family and a lesson they all learned from day one.  Kendrick knows one thing for certain, he is nothing without his...

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The Five Minute Challenge

by Rebecca Richardson

Loosing someone you love is like standing in the tracks as a freight train barrels into your soul, leaving your heart in fragments.  It's sadness so overwhelming you feel your tears may form a river that will carry you away on waves of grief. It's righteous anger at everyone; God, yourself, the person who left you behind. It's questioning everything and anything. The Would, Coulda, Shoulda thoughts invading your...

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My Mother's Keeper

Life with a Traumatic Brain Injury Survivor
y: Rebecca Richardson

It's 7 a.m. and the phone by my bedside is ringing. There is no need to look at the caller Id. Almost two years of daily phone calls tells me exactly who will be on the other line.

“Good morning mother,” I say.

“Good morning my daughter.  Are you coming over today?”...

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