"41 Strong" on Peoria Life

"41 Strong" on Peoria Life

Peoria Life is a product of Widecast Inc. 

Peoria Life is a product of Widecast Inc. 

"In The Neighborhood"  on Peoria Life

"In The Neighborhood" on Peoria Life

"Daily Energy"  on Peoria Life

"Daily Energy" on Peoria Life

"Car Guy"  on Peoria Life

"Car Guy" on Peoria Life

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Broadcasting for the World Wide Web

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Widecast is media company. We provide audio and video recording for websites, social media, cable and radio. We "widecast" media content whether in podcast form or live streaming.  Whether you are posting to your website, social media or, we provide you with quality  economical ways to begin. We can record at our studio office or on location. We will record, stream, and help with your presentation.  We coach you along the way to get seen, to be heard and be talked about.  

Website designers and developers say you need quality content. It takes dedicated time and equipment to make it happen.  Today, you can buy your own podcast system but setting it up and finding a direction is the hardest part. We not only have the equipment but the broadcast professionals to coach you along the way. 

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