SHOW NOTE: Shows uploaded later. Click here for the early "Unedited Real"  available until the edited version is posted. You may click along the play line to jump ahead.

Show 53: Feb 12, 2016, C is for Cookie. Kathy and Nick stop by and provide Cookie's by Design and Charlie Johnson of CJ Signs. We started the morning with ICC Basketball and  Roger Monroe, Alicia Butler and Steve Young Raw Cut Available Here 

Show 52: Feb 11, 2016: Cannon and More  Carl Cannon and Bill More are guests of Roger Monroe, Alicia Butler, Steve Young and Norm Kelly on Peoria Life. Raw Cut Available Here 

Show 51: Feb 10, 2016n C aye N aye D aye Alicia and Roger talk with Catherine Jones about her paintings of Veterans. Raw Cut Available Here

Show 50: Feb 9, 2016: Happy Birthday Alicia and our 50th show on Peoria Life. Roger Monroe, Alicia Butler and Mike Olsen. Raw Cut Available Here

Show 49: Feb 8, 2016:  Post game commercial review with special guests Bruce Cullicagn Steve Tarter and Bob Larson.  With Roger Monroe, Alicia Butler and Brian Hulin, Raw Cut Available Here

Show 48: Feb 5, 2016: Thank you, Turkey! Alicia Butler, Steve Young and Roger Monroe

Show 47: Feb 4, 2016: Where'd that come from? Norm Kelly joins these zany cats. These caffeine dependent life-forms attempt to complete the news. Roger Monroe, Alicia Butler, Steve Young and Norm Kelly

Show 46: Feb 3, 2016: "New Burlin" vs New Berlin.  Roger Monroe, Alicia Butler, Phil Salzer, and  Gene Sidler

Show 45: Feb 2, 2016 Uhm: Let's Wing It: Peoria Bridges, Top Gun, Our History. Roger is off today so Alicia Butler covers his spot along with Tim Johnson, and Coach Mike Olsen

Show 44: Feb 1, 2016 Bad Calls: Bradley Update with Dr Gene Sidler, Dog grooming. Pastor Chuck Tate talks about "41 Will Come", Roger Monroe, Alicia Butler and Brian Hulin

Show 43 Jan 29, 2016 The Letter B with Kathy V

Show 42, Jan 28, 2016

Show 41, Jan 27, 2016

Show 40, Jan 26, 2016

Show 39, Jan 25, 2016

Show 38, Friday, Jan 22, 2016

Show 37: Thursday, Jan 21, 2016

Show 36: Wednesday, Jan 20, 2016

Show 35: Tuesday Jan 19, 2016 Dogs Bites Leashes and Fleas and oh, Cats and the Great Lakes.

Show 34: Monday Jan 18, 2016 Globetrotter and Robotics

Dr Sidler talks about Bradley Basketball at 77min. Harlem Globetrotter's Nicholas Lauderman at 94min and Kaleb Johnson and John Johnson of First Robotics Competition interviewed at 121min. 

Show 33: Fri Jan 15, 2016 And then Kathy Walks in

Show 32: Thu Jan 14, 2016 Tuna for Everyone! 

Show 31: Wed Jan, 2016 Popcorn for Everyone!

Show 30: Tue Jan 12, 2016 Who doesn't like skates? We had a record number of listeners... Thanks for joining us.

Show 29: Mon Jan 11, 2016  HOT DOG

Show 28: Jan 08, 2016 And Elvis walks in, in a UPS uniform

Show 27: Jan 07, 2016 Who is Danny and Zacky?

Show 28: Jan 06, 2016 Is your tree still up?

Show 025: Jan 05, 2016... Mike Olsen is in the Sports Desk for today. We get Gene Sidler on the line for local sports. And we also get Joe Stowell from Securities America on the phone for an update on the Stock Market. And, we learn just what is wrong with watching a ball player play ball with his trunks down around his... shall we say "post derriere".

Show 024: Jan 04, 2016... Brian Hulin is our Sports guy today... and the Co-Host Fill-In as Roger is not feeling well today. We get Gene Sidler on the line for local sports.

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Breakfast with Roger & Friends, which was formally known as "Breakfast with Royce and Rogers" originally contained the comedic talents of the one and only Royce Elliott and the veteran Radio DJ Roger Monroe. Alicia Butler joined the group to be the News Anchor, and, after Royce Elliott passed away on Sunday, April 21st, 2013, Steve Young joined the remaining group as the Sports Guy.

December 2015 is the next step in the journey of Roger, Steve, Alicia, and Royce (in spirit) as they find a new home here at Peoria Life Live! and with great respect to Royce's memory, they retire the original name and change it to "Breakfast With Roger & Friends" on the "Full Dress Rehearsal" episode.

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