Breakfast With Roger & Friends

Mon-Fri 6-9am c 

Wake up every morning with Breakfast with Roger & Friends.  It's a great blend of Music, News, Sports, Weather, interviews, contests, timely conversations, and unique comedy into the most interesting and most talked about morning show in Peoria.

Breakfast with Roger & Friends, which was formally known as "Breakfast with Royce and Rogers" originally contained the comedic talents of the one and only Royce Elliott and the veteran Radio DJ Roger Monroe. Alicia Butler joined the group to be the News Anchor, and, after Royce Elliott passed away on Sunday, April 21st, 2013, Steve Young joined the remaining group as the Sports Guy.

December 2015 is the next step in the journey of Roger, Steve, Alicia, and Royce (in spirit) as they find a new home here at Peoria Life Live! and with great respect to Royce's memory, they retire the original name and change it to "Breakfast With Roger & Friends" on the "Full Dress Rehearsal" episode.

This is who they are:

Breakfast with Royce and Roger

After over 12,000 listens on Peoria Life... We have appreciated being a part of the team for Breakfast with Roger and Friends over this last year. This week, we say goodbye to our friends but you can still listen to them on WAZU and TuneIn.