007 - A Journey Into The Heart Of Africa

Nancy Frantz published a book titled “A Journey Into The Heart Of Africa”.  Listen, as Nancy and her husband Kerry, who is an Associate Pastor of Grace Presbyterian Church in Peoria, travel across 10,000 miles to a small village called. The story takes place in Zambia Africa as Nancy and Kerry set out to rescue 3 children from a world of poverty and suffering. 


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006 - Community Awareness

Part 3: The state of Illinois is among the top states in the nation with a growing addiction to heroin. Tonya makes a visit to Peoria’s City Hall, and talks with Peoria Mayor Jim Ardis and Peoria States Attorney Jerry Brady.

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005 - Path of Destruction

Part 2: Tonya visits with the parents who wish to remain anonymous, of a heroin addictfrom Peoria Illinois. 

This story is focused on the current realities on how heroin addiction is destructive financially and emotionally, and what changes they are making to recover. 


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