034 - Budget Builders

Pinter and Patrick with Patrick Thompson and Adam Wassen meet up with Terry of Budget Builders.

031 - Back Waxing

Patrick and Adam meet up with Liz Steffen at Vanilla Sugar Face & Body. They talk a little sports as well as give Adam a back waxing and the different types of procedures for one.

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030 - TFSports

Patrick Thompson and Adam Wasson talk with Tom and Jack of TFSports and discuss the local sports world as well as games of the week.

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022 - Bunker Down

Doug Pinter and Patrick Thompson meet at Coyote Creek Golf Club to talk about getting out of the bunker when golfing as well as sports updates.

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021 - Dead Lifts

Patrick Thompson speaks with Adam with Iron Athletes Performance about dead lifts and how to properly prepare for them.

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