What is Peoria Life to an Entrepreneur?

by Tim Johnson
Site founder, Tim Johnson talks with local entrepreneurs about what Peoria Life is. Peoria Life is a Digital Magazine about Peoria and living in the Peoria Area. Articles are written by many writers with different views and aspect on life in the Peoria Area. Tim presents the basics of Peoria Life at Greater Peoria Area Coffee Club, a business networking group.

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Heights Tower

by Tim Johnson

Usually a famous person, a star, doesn't become a star until they leave their home town.  A land mark is only famous when you don't live near it.  I had lived in Peoria for over 15 years before I first went to the Heights Tower.  Why? Strangely enough, because my friends came from Indiana came to town and I wanted to show them why I... READ MORE

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The Peoria Bach Festival 2014

The Peoria Bach Festival 2014 is scheduled for June 2-8. Among the guest artists will be conductor, harpsichordist, and organist Stephen Alltop and Baroque specialist Josefien Stoppelenburg, soprano, both from Chicago. Stephen and Josefien will present a recital of Baroque chamber music on Thursday, June 5. Stephen will then present an organ concert for the Bach at Noon concert on Friday, June 6 and then that evening conduct the 2014 Coffee Concert. The Coffee Concert this year will feature music that Bach himself most likely... READ MORE

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2012 Was Recovery Year in Peoria Real Estate Market

by Tim Johnson

After 6 years of declining sales, 2012 reversed that trend in a big way. Rather than just inching above last year, approximately 712 more Peoria area homes were sold in 2012 than in 2011, a 16.9% increase. READ MORE

The average sales price and median price were noticeably higher than the previous 9 years. Although home prices stabilized in 2012 and some areas saw increases, the sharp rise in the median and average sales price seems to be more related to the strong increase in sales in some of the higher price points as well as somewhat of a decrease in the lowest price point. 

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by Tim Johnson

I grew up in a large old house in a small village called Triumph, Illinois. Triumph is nestled in the cornfields on the plains of central Illinois.  Our home was built for the village Doctor around the 1880’s.  It had 16 rooms (8 of which where used as bedrooms.) My dad worked hard on it.  I don’t think it even had air conditioning until it was 100 years old. But... it was home. To me, a home is the picture frame in which most of our life his lived. READ MORE

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Whitney's Walk for Life

Tim and Stacy interviews Lori Cheek of the Mental Health Association of Illinois Valley and Mary Haynes with Whitney's Walk for life. We talk about Whitney's Walk and suicide prevention. Whitney's Walk for Life 2011 will take place this Saturday, July 30th at Jubilee State Park in Brimfield, IL. Please consider joining us or making a donation to support depression awareness and suicide prevention programming at the Mental Health Association of IL Valley!

Mary Ardapple


Tim and Stacy talk with Mary Ardapple of Apples Bakery and the Peoria County Board. We talk about the growth of Apples Bakery from a thriving O'Leary's Restaurant in 1989. Apple's Bakery has grown and carved out a niche in Peoria as a quality, "Made from Scratch" restaurant. Apple's Bakery relocated in 1998 to their current Peoria location at 8412 North Knoxville Avenue. We talk about the growth and development of Apples Gluten Free Kitchen and Mary's key's to success.

Prairie Air Show

Stacy and Tim talk with Brett Krause of the PNC AIRSHOW (Formerly called the Prairie Airshow)... and talking about the fireworks around Peoria. Prairie Air Show, Inc. is a non-profit corporation and is staffed solely by volunteers. Prairie Air Show Inc. was incorporated in 1998 and was formed out of the efforts of air shows that had been in existence since 1977

Steam Boat Classic

Tim and Stacy talk with Adam White the Owner of Running Central about the Steamboat Classic. The 38th running of the STEAMBOAT CLASSIC 4 MILE, 15 KILOMETER and JUNIOR 4 KILOMETER RACES will take place on Saturday, June 18, in downtown Peoria. Known as the World's Fastest Four Miles. Illinois Toughest 15K and Peoria Easiest 4K, these running events are open to runners and walkers of all ability levels. We also touch on Building Steam, Rising Steam, Team Steam, Scouting Steam, Access Steam and other running events in the Peoria Area. Want to start running? There are many running events in the Peoria Area. There is the Steam Boat Classic, Main St Mile, Detweiller at Dark, Boredom Run, and Pumpkin Classic, to name a few. Also running clubs like IVS and Patfc.

Ryan Spain

Special thanks to Ryan Spain who helped us record the pilot for IN THE NEIGHBORHOOD. This is that show recorded earlier in March. In The Neighborhood talks with Ryan about being a young leader in the Peoria Area. A lifelong Peorian, Ryan Spain attended District 150 schools and is a Richwoods High School alumnus. He graduated summa cum laude from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign with a double degree in political science and communications. Spain also holds an MBA from Bradley University. In April 2007, Ryan Spain was elected to the City Council as the youngest at-large member in Peoria history. He is currently employed as the Vice President of Development at the Heartland Partnership. Ryan Spain and his wife Ashley live in the Peoria neighborhood of Lynnhurst.

Memorial Day

Our Memorial Day Show: Stacy and Tim sit down with Ken Rau and Dick Albers local veterans. What is the Veteran's Flight? The Story of the flag that's flown in 50 states plus several countries. Mrs Ekena's 3rd grade class of Germantown Hills Elementary School joins us to performs the Pledge of Allegiance. We also provide a Market update on this episode. Tune in, Dig in!