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Whatever you're excited about. Whatever you're good at. Let's hear about it.  Peoria Life. From Peoria, About Peoria, and For Peoria.  We're Better together

Peoria Life is a streaming video network about the Greater Peoria Area in Central Illinois. We are an internet publication designed to reach a very local (Peoria Area) audience. We broadcast to,, and more.  A couple of our shows are also broadcast on different Peoria Area radio stations (WAZU and WPEO) and some shows will soon broadcast on Peoria’s local cable networks.  All shows are archived on for continued content and showings. We provide cost effective social media content.   

Talk Shows

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Interested in joining Peoria Life's Talk Show Network? Contact us. We are always adding more content. Talkshows are recorded weekly. Some live, some pre-recorded. In July we have over 19 hours of talk shows recorded every week... and more are joining all of the time.  These talk shows are not infomercials but professionals providing expertise and entertaining in the greater Peoria Area. They provide educational information.  Yes we have well over 100 years of professional broadcast experience at our microphones... but we have many people who have just started... which we coach along the way. Sometimes show costs can be covered by advertising. We produce / record your show, edit it and post it to social media. and always here to coach you along the way. If you have an idea for a show... let us talk... start by filling out the form below.


Why work alone where few will find your work? Why appeal to a national audiences, when what you really want to do is reach people from the Greater Peoria Area. Many writers, bloggers and podcasters in the area create content to promote their business or organization. They place them on their own site, or on national blog sites to increase their visibility on the web.  But if you're a local business, local talent, or local service organization, you want to grab the attention of local people. Now you can reach that local audience with the local poly-media website like Peoria Life.  Since it's an internet publication about living in Peoria, it can draw local attention to your own website through Conversational Marketing.  Once content is published, it remains on Peoria Life. This is great news because search engines like that you're established and continue to create new content.... people will be able to find your information.

Quick Flicks

Quick Flicks are quick video shorts designed to post to social media.  An average Quick Flick is 3:30 minutes long. Designed to post to your website or social media. Quick Flicks can provide you with quality social media content.  Most individuals, companies, and churches record a month worth of shows once a month.  A professional video that will often cost less and be more effective than doing them yourself.